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Analyst Coverage

Find out who are the market analysts who follow Copel and what are the projections.

Analysts covering Copel


Institution  Analyst
Ativa Investimentos Ilan Arbetman
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Arthur Pereira
Bradesco BBI Francisco Navarrete                                 
BTG Pactual João Pimentel
Citi Antonio Junqueira
Credit Suisse Carolina Carneiro
Eleven Financial Alexandre Kogake
HSBC Lilyanna Yang
Itaú BBA Marcelo Sá
J. P. Morgan Henrique Peretti
Morgan Stanley Miguel F. Rodrigues
Planner Victor Luiz de Figueiredo Martins
Safra Daniel Travitzky
Santander Andre de Mello Sampaio
UBS Giuliano Ajeje
XP Investimentos Maíra Maldonado
Analyst Projection


Target Price – Consensus
CPLE6 (R$/ação) CPLE11 (R$/ação)  ELP (US$/ADR)
Nº of Investment Banks: 10 Nº of Investment Banks: 03 Nº of Investment Banks: –
Average                    8,94 Average                 39.83 Average                     –
Maximum                   11.50 Maximum                 43.00 Maximum                     –
Minimum                    7.40 Minimum                 37.50 Minimum                     –

Last updated on December 16 ,2022.