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Corporate Profile

Copel – Companhia Paranaense de Energia – generates, transmits, distributes and trades electric energy. The Company is one of the largest electric power facilities in Brazil. The Company’s position in the sector is a result of 67 years of experience and technical proficiency in generating, transmitting, distributing and commercializating electric power.

Copel went public in April 1994 on Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo – B3 – and, in July 1997, became the first company of the Brazilian electric power sector with shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Copel’s shares are also traded in Europe, on the Latibex – the Latin American arm of the Madrid Stock Exchange, since June 2002. In May 2008 Copel joined B3’s Level 1 of Corporate Governance.

Currently, Copel directly serves 4.9 million customers units in 395 municipalities and 1,113 localities (districts, villas and villages). Copel has 49 own plants (18 hydroelectric power plants, 1 thermal power plant and 30 wind farms), operates 1 hydroelectric power plants under the quota regime, and holds interests in another 15 energy generation projects (1 thermal power plant, 8 hydroelectric power plants, 5 wind power plants and 1 solar power plants) in operation, totaling an installed capacity of 7,376.5 MW, referred to Copel´s stake. In addition 04 wind farms (Jandaíra Complex) is under construction. In order to transmit and distribute the generated energy, the Company has 9,616 km of transmission lines and 204,957 km of distribution lines, making up Brazil’s third largest distribution network. Its workforce is composed of 6,383 employees.