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    Disclosure Committee

    Along its existence, Copel has been implementing actions to improve its corporate governance practices, in order to achieve growth and to generate values to the Company’s shareholders. The present management has been reinforcing such practices through the adoption of a series of measures, among which the implementation of a Policy for the Disclosure of Material Information and the Preservation of Confidentiality and Trading Policy for Securities Issued by the Company, in compliance with CVM Instruction 358/02.

    Other objectives of the Committee are: to preserve the Company’s image and credibility before its investors, analysts and the market in general; to promote the disclosure of information in a proactive, transparent, comprehensive, and equitable way, in accordance with legal requirements. In order to achieve such goals, Copel has established, through Circular Letter, its Disclosure Committee, which is in charge of permanently disclosing relevant acts or facts regarding the Company.

    Assignments of the Committee’s Members

    The Committee is responsible for providing support to the Company’s Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer in the implementation of Copel’s Policy for Disclosure of Relevant Information. Therefore, the Committee’s members are in charge of revising and approving the material information before its disclosure to the capital market, in the following forms:

    • Quarterly Financial Reports (ITR);
    • Standard Financial Statements (DFP);
    • Reference Form (FR);
    • Forms to be filed at SEC (20F and 6K);
    • Relevant Fact Reports, memos, press-releases;
    • Other documents within the area of Investor Relations.

    Disclosure Process

    Any information about to be disclosed to the market –– either to CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission), SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), or the Stock Exchange, in presentations, in the Internet or through any other media –– should be submitted to the Company’s Disclosure Committee, which is responsible for ensuring promptness to the disclosure process, as well as correction, accuracy, and relevance of the information.

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