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Report of Foreign Private Issuer
Pursuant to Rule 13a-16 or 15d-16 of the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934
For the month of October, 2003

Commission File Number 1-14668

(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

Energy Company of Paraná
(Translation of Registrant's name into English)

Rua Coronel Dulcídio, 800
80420-170 Curitiba, Paraná
Federative Republic of Brazil
(5541) 322-3535
(Address of principal executive offices)


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Corporate Tax ID (CNPJ) # 76.483.817/0001-20


CVM Record 1431 - 1

(Free translation from original in Portuguese)

VENUE: Rua Coronel Dulcídio, 800, Curitiba - PR. 2. DATE AND TIME: October 2, 2003 – 2:00pm. 3. NOTICE: Published in the Official Gazette and in O Estado do Paraná and Folha de São Paulo newspapers. 4. ATTENDANCE: 58.67% (fifty-eight point sixty-seven percent) of the voting capital according to the signatures in the Shareholders’ Attendance Book n. 3, page 34. 5. BOARD: PAULO CRUZ PIMENTEL – Executive Secretary of the Board of Directors; SÉRGIO BOTTO DE LACERDA – Major Shareholder Representative; EDISON RAUEN VIANNA - Secretary. 6. AGENDA AND DELIBERATIONS: Item 1 of the agenda of the day – ELECTION OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD AND FULFILLMENT OF OPEN POSITION – Mr. João Bonifácio Cabral Júnior, bearer of ID # 493.602-SC and tax ID CNPF/MF # 056.646.329-68, was elected to fulfill the mandate relative to the 2-year period 2003/2005, as indicated by the State of Paraná, majority shareholder; Item 2 of the agenda of the day - DECISION OF THE ORDINARY GENERAL SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING OF MARCH 1999 ON THE ADDITIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF PROFIT SHARING TO THE MANAGEMENT (MANAGERS, ACCORDING TO LAW 6404/76, IN COMPLIANCE TO THE JUDICIAL ACT) PERTAINING TO THE 1998 EARNINGS) – Approved, with the abstention of FUNDO BRADESCO TEMPLETON DE VALOR E LIQUIDEZ, FUNDO INVEST AÇÕES SUMATRA, CAFÉS BRASIL S.A., JOÃO ANTONIO LIAN, represented by Adriane Cristina dos Santos de Almeida, the withdraw of the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Labor for the additional payment of R$3 million as management’s profit sharing in Copel’s 1998 earnings was approved, through the acceptance of the terms ruled by the Regional Labor Court of the State of Paraná, with the consequent distribution of the amount to the employees of the Company as of 12/31/1998., Item 3 - TARIFFS: AUTHORIZATION OF DISCOUNT OVER TARIFF READJUSTMENT PERCENTAGE GRANTED BY ANEEL. Upon clarifications given by the Major Shareholder Representative and by CAD’s Executive Secretary, the majority of voters ratified the total discount of the 25.27% average tariff readjustment, to all customers in good standing. The representative of FUNDO BRADESCO TEMPLETON DE VALOR E LIQUIDEZ, FUNDO INVEST AÇÕES SUMATRA, CAFES BRASIL S.A. e JOÃO ANTÔNIO LIAN voted against. 7. SIGNATURES: SÉRGIO BOTTO DE LACERDA – Major Shareholder Representative; PAULO CRUZ PIMENTEL – CAD’s Executive Secretary; PAULO ROBERTO TROMPCZYNSKI - Chairman of the Fiscal Council; GEORGE WASHINGTON TENÓRIO MARCELINO - F&C LATIN AMERICAN EQUITY FUND, THE MASTER T B OF JAPAN LTD RE MTBC; ADRIANE CRISTINA DOS SANTOS DE ALMEIDA - FDO BRADESCO TEMPLETON V L FDO INVEST AÇÕES, SUMATRA CAFES BRASIL S/A and JOAO ANTONIO LIAN; ELZIO BATISTA MACHADO – Member of the Fiscal Council; MAURÍLIO LEOPOLDO SCHMITT – Member of the Fiscal Council and EDISON RAUEN VIANNA - Secretary



Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

Date: October 3, 2003

/S/  Ronald Thadeu Ravedutti

Ronald Thadeu Ravedutti
Principal Financial Officer



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